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Yumeji Fujiwara


Name (Kanji): 藤原 夢路
Name (Romaji): Fujiwara Yumeji
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Gender: Male Male
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Birthday: July 7th
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Japanese
Affiliation: High School Student

Human Dream Demon Hybrid

Partner: Merry Nightmare
Seiyuu: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Manga: Chapter 01
Anime: Episode 01
I'll borrow it! Lucid Gadget!
(insert Dream Demon title)

—Yumeji Fujiwara, Summoning a Dream Demon's power.

Yumeji Fujiwara is the main protagonist of Yumekui Merry. He is a high school student, and ten years ago, he received the ability to perceive the aura of people's dreams which allows him to predict what kind of dreams they will have.


He has dark colored hair that has a hair antenna.


Yumeji is a lazy, yet strong-willed and determined person with a heart of gold who is always ready to help others. He is also a member of a writing club at his high school and is a big fan of the superhero called Guricho. He meets Merry when she falls on top of him as he comes back from his errands, and together, they enter a daydream, a dream that occurs in full daylight. He has firmly decided to help Merry get back to the Dreamworld, even though she is not convinced at the beginning, but they soon end up becoming very good friends.


Not much is known about Yumeji's past. When he was younger, he often stayed at the Tachibana's home when his parents go off to work. This is how he came to know Isana, her dad and her mother Ayumi when the latter was still alive.

One time during his stay, he became a vessel to an unknown Dream Demon. During this time he also met Merry Nightmare who helped freed him from the Dream Demon but it cause him to lose some memories and the event changed him.

When he was seven he discovered that he could see the aura of what a person's dream would be. With Isana's help, he tested and experimented it to find out what is what.

In middle school, he became friends with Takateru Akiyanagi. One time he wanted to view Takateru with his "dream vision" but Takateru didn't want it and Yumeji promised him not to do so anymore. He also met Takateru's sister Mizuki Akiyanagi around this time.

When he entered in high school, he and Takateru became members of the Writing Club, meeting the club leader Mei Hoshino. Around this time he also met fellow club member Saki Kirishima who became intrigued with his ability.

Just before the summer break of his second year of high school, the Writing Club decided that they will review his own written story when they return from break. During the break, he had writer's block and began having dreams of being chased by cats making him a bit tired in the day. During this time, with Isana and her dad they visited Ayumi's grave.


Powers & Abilities

Physical Attributes

He is an average strength human. When he was younger he used to skateboard.

Dream Powers

Lucid gadget

Lucid Gadget, "Loneliness!!"

He's able to see what kind of dreams another person will have when he makes a ring with his fingers and looks through them. Different colors he sees determine what dreams will occur although it's only effective 30% of the time. However, black auras have a 100% chance of nightmares. Yet when he tries to look at Dream Demons such as Merry, they are perceived as transparent (having no aura).

Yumeji also has the ability to use a Dream Demon's signature ability, which he names "Lucid Gadget"; and whenever he uses it, his right eye's pupil copies the shape of the corresponding Dream Demon's pupil. As of chapter 88, Yumeji's Lucid Gadget has reached a new state of power allowing him to actually transfer the vessel of the dream demons into himself, which means he can fully copy the entire power of any dream demon instead of just a weaker copy/duplicate of it.

Lucid Gadget
Dream Demon Title Copied power Ultra
John Doe "Chaser" Saw-Guillotine Sword
  • Saw-Guillotine Sword
  • Super Speed
  • Little Chasers
Ichima "Loneliness" Giant Kokeshi Summon
Chris Evergreen "Lovers" Floating Hand
Noir "Chain" Chain
Landsborough "Maze" Mechanical Clown Minion
Ionian and Aeolian Achtelnote "Maestro" Conductor Hand Puppet
Legion "Familiar" Substitute Decoy Copy
Pharos Hercules "Pharos" Alter Daydream
Quartier Latin "Hunter" Taser Arm
Engi Threepiece "Garden" Sannasubi Sword
Show/Hide table

Finally, Yumeji was able to summon John Doe and his cat army during the battle against "Chain" Noir, briefly showing the possession of a key-ring similar to Merry's. "Chain" Noir describes this power as the ability to connect the dream worlds of two different Dream Demons, an ability also shared by Hercules.

It's interesting to note that (so far) Yumeji seems to only be able to use his abilities with his right hand, the same hand that Merry has her scar on, which is also the same hand Yumeji had injured when catching Isana at the playground when they were children. In addition, Kyo Shiragi also has a scar on his right hand, which he appears to have used to send a Dream Demon inside of Sakagami.

Also, Yumeji is able to enter Daydreams even if he is not a Dream Demon, nor possessed by a Dream Demon. Later in the manga series, John Doe points that this should be impossible and questions Yumeji's humanity.

Yumeji is immortal in the Dream World.

Yumeji has his own Garden, and finally, summons it when fighting Hercules. It is shown to contain a moon, the same as Engi.


Merry Nightmare


Merry hugging Yumeji.

Yumeji and Merry have a very strong relationship. When they first met, Yumeji offered to help her get back to the dream world. At first, she refused, but as time passed they became really close. Merry sees Yumeji as a person pulling her hand when she needs help. He always encourages Merry when she is in depression. It is also hinted that they may have known each other before when they were kids.

Isana Tachibana

Yumeji and Isana are childhood friends who are like brother and sister. Yumeji always looks for support in Isana. When they were little, they would always help each other. Although Isana gets mad at Yumeji for peeking into the bath when she is taking a shower. When Isana became a dream demon's vessel, Yumeji was desperate to save her dream. After he and Merry revealed the existence of dream demons to her, he became more comfortable talking about it to her.

Takateru Akiyanagi

Yumeji and Takateru are best friends. Yumeji was much reproached for not having been able to prevent Takateru has been possessed by Heracles, but is determined to save him.

"Chaser" John Doe

Their relationship started very antagonistic with John trying to take Yumeji as a vessel. After John failed due to Merry's interference, John monitors Yumeji and watched over him when he was injured by Engi. John would often give Yumeji advice to help him.

Pharos Hercules

Yumeji's arch-nemesis. He is the exact opposite of Yumeji. Yumeji relies on trickery while Hercules uses brute force. Hercules considers Yumeji as his elder brother due to sharing the same source of their powers.


  • It is questioned whether Yumeji is a human or a dream demon until Clione reveals he is both.
    • Yumeji is revealed to have the same energy signature as Heracles (sound is matched by Clione).
  • His zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • An ongoing gag is that Yumeji always walks in on Isana when she's taking a bath unintentionally
  • Years ago, when Yumeji explained his ability to read auras to his friends, Takateru asked him to never read his aura, since he found the idea disturbing. Yumeji accepted and is still keeping his promise, thus making Takateru his only close friend he is not checking for signs of Dream Demon possession.


  • A black aura is the mark of a nightmare. Only that is 100% accurate.
  • Thanks for your invitation, huh? Chaser... John Doe. (to John Doe)
  • What are they? Dream and Reality. Merry. All I can be sure of is that she saved me. If that's the case, then, this time, it's my turn. Isn't that how it works?
  • I don't know what I can do. Nevertheless, I want to help her.
  • The dreams we see while we're asleep actually come from a parallel world. And are the beings that live there trying to use our bodies to come here? It still doesn't feel real to me, but I have to look for her.
  • I'll borrow it! Lucid Gadget!!

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