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Ren Hinaki

Dem renhinaki 1

Name (Romaji): Hinaki Ren
Status: Alive
Gender: Male Male
Manga: Chapter 65

Ren Hinaki is the vessel of Quartier Latin.


He has light colored hair and has bangs that sweep to his right. He usually wears a black hoodie with horns.


Ren seems to have three distinct personality types, His apparent normal personality is very tsundere. His other personality is the Hunter, someone who goes after other nightmares and takes them down so Merry can send them back later. He apparently shares this personality with his Nightmare.

His last personality has so far been only glimpsed once, at the end of chapter 71, this is apparently a dark side to his normal personality which seemingly let him beat up a group of people all by himself, the full extent of this personality has yet to be seen.


Ren grew up in a family that owns a large hospital. However, his parents would be too busy with their work at the hospital to be with him. His parents hired a caretaker to look after him. When he entered middle school, he started participating in fights to get his parents attention. These acts caused his parents to blame each other for his behavior. Ren blames himself for this and has been trying to do good deeds to try and get them back together.


Powers & Abilities

Ren is unlike any other character so far introduced in the story, he is the vessel for the Nightmare Quartier but he is different from all other vessels as he and his nightmare seemingly share the same personality at all times, as such there relationship is more symbiotic then parasitic.


Ren after fusing with Quartier in chapter 67.

The reason why this is may stem from the unique ability to fuse together with his nightmare which allows them to become one being and also making them immune the dream loss suffered from when a nightmare is killed. Ren also has the ability to control his Nightmare's yard equally, so even if his nightmare is incapable of combat, he can still fight.

The extent of Ren's powers is not fully understood as of yet.

Ren can also prevent dream demons from dying, allowing Merry to send them back without having to kill them.


"Hunter" Quartier Latin

Ren's dream demon. His relationship with Quartier is unique, as its far more symbiotic than it is parasitic like many other dream demons. His relationship is such that he actually shares his personality with Quartier.

As of chapter 73, Quartier is supposedly dead, as Shiragi is shown to have dealt a lethal blow to the poor thing. But, Ren somehow didn't suffer Dream Loss from this event, but rather some temporary amnesia. Why this is has yet to be explained.

Anri Hiiragi

She is considered a friend. They first met when he saw her leaning on the rails of a footbridge. Thinking she was going to jump, he approached to stop her but it just caused her to panic and he went away when other people came.