This is the 3rd chapter of Kagefumi Merry.
For the 3rd chapter of Yumekui Merry that is also REM 3, see REM 3: Only a Dream.
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Chapter 3
Volume Kagefumi Merry
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REM 3 is the 3rd chapter of Kagefumi Merry.


In the upper floors of the college, Akiyama was smoking and enjoying the weather. A custodian then scolds him for smoking. He defends himself that he has a portable ashtray but the custodian berates him more, reminding him that the school had a no-smoking policy. Akiyama then relents and the custodian went away.

Akiyama then notices a young male and a girl (Yuuki and Aya) were running toward the building. He recognized the man as Merry's vessel. Yuuki then looks up with an expression of urgency. Curious, Akiyama also look up and sees that two levels above him, a girl siting on the roof's railing bounded by some sort of shadow.

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