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Status: Alive
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Seiyuu: Kimiko Koyama
Voice Actor: Serena Varghese
Anime: Episode 11

Pallette (パレイド, Pareido) is a dream demon who was forced to make Isana Tachibana her vessel.


Parade has the appearance of a little witch/wizard. However his face is black and we can only see his eyes and mouth. He wears a witch/wizard like hat and has a green-blue flipper like hands.


He is very scared and not confident. When a Dream Demon attacked Isana (her vessel), he would just hide and not attempt to help at all.


On her way home after finishing the guidance counselling session, Isana temporarily finds herself in a day dream. There she became the vessel of Pallette, after Mistleteinn forced her into Isana. When Isana got home she told Yumeji that she had a dream in plain day. Then Yumeji used his ability to confirm that Isana became a vessel. After counseling with Engi, Yumeji decides to see Pallette. The next day, the group meets Pallette who claims that Mistleteinn forced her to go into Isana. She said that at one moment she had an interest of Isana becoming her vessel but she only wanted to take a peek and then return to the Dream World. Then Merry proposes to send her back to the Dream World with her power, but because Isana's dream is at stake, Yumeji refuses.

When Mistleteinn attacked Isana, Pallette was very scared and didn't even defend Isana.


Pallette returning to the Dreamworld.

The second time Mistleteinn attacked, Pallette was chained together with Isana and couldn't move. When suddenly Mystelteinn swallowed her to use her as a hostage for Merry and Engi not to attack. When Yumeji said to Merry that he believes in her, Merry got Pallette out and returned her to the dream world.

Powers & Abilities

Pallette doesn't seem like a strong dream demon. She is very weak and scared.


  • Pallette is one of the dream demons that were forced into vessels by Mistleteinn.
  • Pallette resembles a black mage(from Final Fantasy series).


  • (To Engi, Yumeji, Merry and Yui) "Truthfully speaking, I was interested. But I planned to go back right after taking a peep. But before I knew it, she... "