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Minato Kisaragi


Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Hairstyle: Plum/Dark Purple
Eye Color: Green
Voice Actor: Serena Varghese
Manga: Chapter 04
Anime: Episode 03

Minato Kisaragi is a young girl who was the attempted vessel of the Dream Demon Ichima.


Minato is a young girl with light green eyes and long plum/dark purple hair that resembles a hime-style cut when she lets it down.

Her normal outfit consists of light yellow tanktop with ruffled bottom, a pair of blue jeans with a pink patch with a starred design on the cuffs and a white cat-eared hat with a red anchor design on it.


Appears to be a clumsy girl. She is an airhead as she said herself. She has shown to have a kind heart as she was able to forgive Ichima even though she was mean to her and threatened her.



Powers & Abilities

While she is just a normal human girl who is very clumsy, Minato has shown be even better at kick-the-can then both Yumeji and Merry (who possesses greater strength then humans) as she won 12 games out of 12 games.



Though seemingly acting caring and friendly to Minato, Ichima actually only cared about using Minato as a permanent vessel. After Ichima is sent back to the dream world, Minato loses all memory of her. This is shown when she makes her reappearance in her own body, Minato has no clue who she is or why she acts like she knows her.

Hina Furumachi

She became friends with her sometime after Merry sent Ichima back to the dream world.


In Minato's third appearance in the manga, she has become friends with Ken.


Minato's hat with the anchor design is mostly likely a reference to her name, which is the japanese word for "Harbour".