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Mei Hoshino


Name (Kanji): 星野 鳴
Name (Romaji): Hoshino Mei
Status: Alive
Gender: Female Female
Affiliation: High School Student
Seiyuu: Natsumi Takamori
Voice Actor: Emily Neves
Manga: Chapter 2
Anime: Episode 01

Mei Hoshino is a friend and sempai of Yumeji, and leader of the writing club. A kind and soft-spoken girl with green hair and glasses, she ends up being the victim of a dream demon called Chris Evergreen.


She has light-green hair held up in braids, wears a book shaped hair decoration on her left side, has gray-blue eyes and wears glasses. She is usually seen in her school uniform.


Mei is a very kind young woman who encourages her members to keep writing and compliment on each of their stories. When Saki rudely was about to comment on Yumeji's story, Mei respectfully scolded her saying that feedback is one thing but criticism is unacceptable.



Powers & Abilities

She is just a normal human. She is a good writer.


Chris Evergreen

A dream demon who was her pen-pal who also tried to make her his vessel. She first knew of him from when he sent her a text on her phone. As they texted each other, they grew close to the point of Mei wanting to meet him unbeknownst to her that he was using her other cellphone to text herself. After Merry sent Chris back to the Dream World, Mei lost her memories of him but did retain some lingering traces which she uses to write about.