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Dream Encounter

Ep6 title

Yume Kaikō
Air Date February 11, 2011
Episode 6
Opening Song Daydream Syndrome
Ending Song Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi
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Astray in a Dream
Dreams, Swimsuits and the Color of the Sea


Traumatised by the attack on Yumeji, Merry unleashes a powerful aura that destroys the moon, forcing Engi to retreat. Upon returning to the real world, Yumeji doesn't have any external injuries, but when he gets home he starts feeling pain and falls unconscious. As he dreams, Yumeji once again meets John, who treats his mental injuries. Meanwhile at school, Saki brings up how many students like Yumi have been suffering from Dream Loss, in which they give up on their goals. John explains to Yumeji that it's because of him that Yumeji can enter other people's daydreams, and reveals that Heracles is a Dream Demon who tempted many others into entering the real world. He also mentions that Heracles may know something about Merry, who allegedly entered the real world without a vessel. After Yumeji's wounds heal, John warns him about a strong Dream Demon named Mistelteinn before he wakes up to a worried Merry.