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Disturbed Dreams

Ep9 title

Yume Midarete
Air Date March 4, 2011
Episode 9
Opening Song Daydream Syndrome
Ending Song Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi
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Dream Corridor
Not Waking from a Dream


As Isana leaves her guidance counselling session, she temporarily enters a daydream. Although Merry easily defeats Ransborough's henchmen, she is hesitant to attack him due to what Engi had told her. He then taunts Engi, saying that if he is killed, then the dreams of his vessel will disappear as well. Engi attacks Ransborough out of anger, but Yumeji stops her and Ransborough leaves with his vessel. After calming down, Engi explains what she knows about Mystletainn, who has the power to force dream demons into vessels. Meanwhile, Chizuru, a vessel herself, confronts the guidance counsellor, Ijima, who is actually Mystletainn's vessel, saying he plans to target Isana who, at that time, Yumeji and Merry discover to have become a vessel.