This is the elder of the Threepiece sisters.
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Patti Threepiece


Status: Deceased
Gender: Female Female
Family: Engi Threepiece (younger sister)
Eye Color: Black
Weapons: Rokuzatou
Affiliation: Dream Demon
Manga: Chapter 59
Anime: Episode 08 (flashback)

"Garden" Patti Threepiece is the deceased sister of Engi who was killed in the real world.


She was a young girl with short orange-golden hair tied together by a single fan, porcelain-white skin, and dark pink eyes.


Not much is said about Patti's personality other than being a caring elder sister and a thirst for entering the real word which sadly led to her untimely demise.


In the Dream World, she spent her time with Engi and did stuff with her like teaching her swordsmanship.

One day she sees a light leading to reality and tells her sister about it. Before going, she gives her necklace to Engi.

Sometime after going to reality, Pharos Hercules killed her.


Her death drives her sister's vendetta against Hercules.

In Hercules' final battle, he tried to use the last bit of his borrowed power to use "Flames of Recollection" to summon Patti to fight for him but the effigy did not listen to him. Instead, the effigy just walked up to Engi and lingered long enough for Engi to touch the effigy's face. Once she disappeared, her katana Rokuzatou flew out of Hercules' clutches and into Engi's left hand. Engi then used both Sannasubi and Rokuzatou to cripple Hercules.

Powers & Abilities

She is an exemplary swordswoman.


Nature's Violet Flash, Rokuzatou

Patti's katana sword cane. It was taken by Hercules when she died. It came to Engi's possession when Hercules tried to use "Flames of Recollection" and it backfired on him.


  • Sleepless Night: An iaijutsu slash powerful enough to rend a waterfall.


Her Dream World is a Japanese garden which contains trees, flowers, a bridge and a waterfall.


"Garden" Engi Threepiece

She is Engi's older sister.


Threepiece sisters
  • Her concept is based on the latter three pieces that could be dreamed in a hatsuyume while her sister Engi is based on the first three pieces.
    • 4. Fan (四扇; Yon-Ohgi): Patti's fan hair decoration. The foot of Mt. Fuji is spread open like a fan and is a sign of good luck.
    • 5. Tobacco (五煙草; Go-Tobako): Patti's pouch is similar in look to a tobacco pouch. Smoke from tobacco rises into the sky like a hawk.
    • 6. Blind Person (六座頭; Roku-Zatou): Patti's katana sword cane is named Rokuzatou. "Zato" were blind biwa players/masseurs/acupuncturist/monks. Blind people often use canes. Both Zato and eggplants are alike for "there is no hair", "Ke Ga Nai" in Japanese; the pun is that "Ke Ga Nai" is pronounced similarly to "Keganai", which means "no injuries" in Japanese.